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The IRT affair

Leader Episode 1

“The IRT Affair” is an immersive true crime documentary series about how the Dutch Government's secretive police task force IRT pushed the limits of the law to battle the successful and expanding crime syndicate of the Dutch softdrug king pin Klaas Bruinsma in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Every episode starts with an introduction sequence, ending in the main title. For every episode, we created a different title sequence, dedicated to that specific episode. Using the same effects and typography brings everything together.

Leader Episode 2
Leader Episode 3
Leader Episode 4
End Credits

The IRT Affair took place in the ’80s and ’90s. Based on the briefing by director Thijs Schreuder and producers Stefan Tieleman and Jelmar Hagen, we used the typography and designs of VHS video tapes as inspiration for the typography and main title of the IRT documentary.

main title sketches

First sketches and looks for the GFX and typography for the main title, based on the “VHS” inspiration. The goal was to refer to the 80/90s feel without making it too obvious.

Final logo/main title design